Lancaster Evangelical Free Church


Looking to step out of the crowd and into community?

Starting Point is the primary on-ramp to life at LEFC. You’ll meet other people, learn about our values, and find opportunities to connect and serve.

Starting Point is a three-week class offered on Sunday mornings multiple times per year.   

The next class is scheduled for October 15, 22, and 29.


For more information contact Art and Ruth Horn at or 717-385-0381.

Schedule Overview

  • Arrive at 10:45
  • Fellowship and refreshments
  • Teaching
  • Questions 

God has intended for us as believers to work in unity, but over the past two or three hundred years the need for individualism has taken over in our culture. Therefore, our journey toward cooperation and relationship building and teamwork as a church has become increasingly difficult.  God has created us to work together.  All throughout scripture we see people being called and listening to God as they work in two’s or three’s or even two or three hundreds to get a job done. Together they accomplish great things for God’s kingdom that as an individual could never have been done.