Lancaster Evangelical Free Church

Parent Partnerships


At the end of every class kids receive a GO HOME CARD. One side contains questions pertaining to the lesson explored that Sunday. These questions are designed to help parents create God-focused conversations in the most natural circumstances—either on the go (while driving home from church) or around the table (when you sit down for lunch or supper).

The other side contains a simple and non-overwhelming recipe for family devotions based on the topic that children learned in Sunday school. The GO HOME CARD is our attempt to bring together home and church and unify their efforts in helping kids grow in the knowledge of God. 



Once every 6 weeks or so KidMin organizes FX events—unique opportunities to join families together in a relaxed, fun and hands-on setting.

As parents, we deeply desire for our kids to remain close to us during their early years so when they have challenges in life as they get older they can trust us, confide in us and lean on us for help getting through those challenges. Often those bonding times occur during activities or events with our kids. That is why KidMin intentionally creates settings and environments to open the doors for parents and kids to learn, grow, be challenged, be creative, and share life together.