Lancaster Evangelical Free Church

Sunday School


Giggles, bubbles, crafts, and stories are a big part of life for our early childhood Shepherds here at LEFC. From a baby’s first time in the nursery, until their last week before Kindergarten, we get the privilege of loving your children and teaching them about how Jesus loves them!

In the nurseries, we’ve worked hard to design a welcoming, comfortable space for shepherds and their charges. There is space to explore, space to play, space to sit and watch according to each child’s needs. We provide a large, yet private room for nursing mothers, as well as a monitored sleeping room for when our babies just need a break from the rest of the world.

Beginning at age 2, our little ones move into the Butterflies class where we start to use age-appropriate curriculum and specifically designed activities to engage bodies and minds. We want to help these young learners to understand how amazing our God is.  We also want them to know how Jesus is just “crazy” about them! One way we do these things is by helping these children to hide God’s word in their hearts through simple memorization.

As the littlest children grow into preschoolers, they move into the Bumblebee and Firefly classes. At this age we adjust activities to be more play-focused and begin with more structured storytelling. Imaginations can soar as we learn more and more about God’s word, His work in the world through the ages, and how He is still working today! We intentionally use music as a praise celebration and technology is used to enhance what we are teaching.

Through every age, we aim to know every child and their family, and connect with them about what their child has learned. We want to be a great asset to families, as they help their youngest children establish a foundation of understanding God and the world in which He’s placed us.


We offer age-based classes where kids can grow deeper in their faith and learn to apply Bible truths to their lives. We have classes for kids Kindergarten – 6th grade. Sunday school is offered every Sunday during both services.

Even though we teach the same concept/Bible story during both services, our methods, activities and approach are completely different. This ensures that kids who attend both services are never bored and are challenged to explore the Bible story from a different angle.



Summer Children's Church is 11 weeks during the summer that replace the regular Sunday school format. We offer high energy and kid-friendly worship services for kids in the following two groups: 1) 4 year olds through completed kindergarten, 2) completed 1st through 5th grades.

These services are intentionally designed in age-appropriate ways to help kids worship God, grow in relationship with Him, serve Him, and develop friendships with their leaders and peers. At the children's church services, kids will sing worship songs, hear a Bible story and message, have a prayer and offering time, play games, and see the Bible come alive through interactive activities, videos, object lessons, science experiments, snacks, crafts, and more! Kids will love coming to church! 



Hands & Feet is a buddy system for children with special needs. We want every child to have an opportunity to worship the King of Kings. Some children need a little extra attention to fully experience Sunday school. We have a select group of volunteers who have a heart to work with these children.

If you are a parent of a special needs child and are interested in this ministry, please turn in a completed buddy profile to the LEFC office, and we will be in touch with you!