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Joining a Life Group is one of the best ways to establish intentional relationships that are key to sustaining our spiritual growth. 

We’ll go beneath the surface in our relationships and live out the “one anothers” found in scripture. With the recent (May) hiring of Ric Joline as our new LG Coordinator, we are anticipating a better way of becoming involved in a smaller group here at LEFC.   Fall 2017 you will be seeing information regarding getting involved in sermon-based discussion groups.  For more information, please contact Pastor Ric at


Lite 6


Lite6 is the name we are giving to new/temporary Life Groups which will meet 6 weeks, from September 10 – October 15.  The groups are discussing 6 weeks of Tony's sermons, and questions will be provided to help promote discussion within the groups.  

The emphasis of Pastor Tony’s teaching during these weeks is, in his words:

 This Fall will be crucial in engaging our church family both in heart and vision.  To do that there will be six weeks in our church’s life, September 10 through Oct 15, that may be the most strategic season yet in the history of LEFC.  We will be communicating vision, engaging hearts, and approaching our God together in expectation of a “Harvest”.  One important and strategic step we want to ask of the congregation is to have all small groups, home groups, care groups, and Life Groups meet weekly for those six weeks and utilize a sermon based group discussion guide.  I recognize that is no small request, but I feel it is essential to our church’s future.  These six weeks are also an invitation for those who are not in a group to join one, so we will be offering opportunities for people to join a group. “ 

 Here is a summary of what we hope and pray for with these groups. 

  1. If a person is already in a group, we hope the group will meet every week during this time using sermon-based questions.
  2. If a person is not in a group, we hope they will want to join a LITE6 group and that many of these temporary groups will continue to meet after the six weeks concludes.
  3. We hope that sermon-based questions become the “default” teaching method for all Life Groups all the time.
  4. We hope that the momentum created by our vision for new and more effective facilities will spill over practically to more Life Groups being created and more lives changed/people being discipled (expecting the harvest)!

Here are some logistics.

  1. The group commitment is 6 weeks.  That's all.  Some groups may want to continue.  Others may not.  New groups may form.
  2. We recommend 1 ½ hours for each meeting.  The day of the week is up to the group host.
  3. Questions will be provided, and the group can carry on the discussion based upon 1 or more of those questions.

 If you'd like to be in a group, or host your own group, or have any questions, please contact Pastor Ric at OR visit the Orange Connection Counter August 20 - September 3.