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    Below are some discussion questions relating to a recent sermon. These are provided so that your small group can discuss what was shared in a recent sermon. Previous Weeks Discussion Guides and Sermon Notes are available through the Sermon Media Center connected to the related Sermon listing. Click on the sermon you are interested in and then open it. You will see NOTES in the lower right corner you will see and Audio button and a Notes button. Click on Notes and the related resource will open in your browser.

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    Discussion Guide

    Questions by Pastor Ric

    September 17, 2017


    This Fall will be crucial in engaging our church family both in heart and vision.  To do that, there will be six weeks in our church’s life, September 10 through Oct 15, that may be the most strategic season yet in the history of LEFC.  We will be communicating vision, engaging hearts, and approaching our God together in expectation of a “Harvest”.  One important and strategic step we want to ask of the congregation is to have all small groups, home groups, care groups, and Life Groups meet weekly for those six weeks and utilize a sermon based group discussion guide.  I recognize that is no small request, but I feel it is essential to our church’s future.  These six weeks are also an invitation for those who are not in a group to join one, so we will be offering opportunities for people to join a group. “  Pastor Tony


    TEXTS: MA 25: 31-46  

    1. If mission is what we do outside of the church in Jesus’ name, then we have an amazing opportunity to love people.  This is the “go” in MA 28:19!  Clearly, mission (making disciples and loving on people) is Jesus’ command.  So, why can it be such a challenge for many of us to demonstrate our love and help those who are in need?  What are some reasons/excuses we use to NOT engage others and make disciples?
    1. Look at MA 25:31-46.  What examples of love did Jesus mention?  How do those translate to us today?  How is God moving you out of your comfort zone to do a better job of loving others? How will this commitment to Jesus’ vision affect both you and your LITE6/ Life Group?
    1. If we want to know Jesus’ heart of love, we must first be captivated by Him.  What have we done since last week to make sure this is happening? (Look again at last week’s topic, ”Why I Love Jesus”.)  Prayer is one key to getting close to the heart of God.  Discuss how we can develop a deeper love for Christ, individually and as a Life Group. Spend some significant time in prayer as a group asking God to reveal his love so we can love others better.


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    [Note to facilitator: This is a guide.  Feel flexible with it in making it conducive to your group context. Feel free to utilize media for analogies or tie-ins.]